Frequently Asked Questions
Why would a website be beneficial for my business?
A well-designed website is a great way of instilling confidence and presenting yourself as being well established.

How long will it take you to develop my website?
A typical website takes about one week to complete. During that time we will be in close contact with you to make sure that the site reflects your business well.

Will I have the opportunity to review and critique the proposed site?
Absolutely! We want you completely satisfied with your new website and will work with you until we get your final approval before your site is published.

Do you provide continuing website support in case I need it?
Yes, we are available to assist you with your website in the future. We have found that our customers like to advertise specials or open house days on their website. We can make temporary or permanent changes to your site as needed.

What is web hosting and will I need it?
A web host is a company whose computers are continuously connected to the internet. These computers are called servers. It is on these servers that your website is stored. When someone types in your website's web address their computer communicates with one of these servers that stores (or hosts) your website. The server locates your site and will allow the site to be accessed.

These servers that store and serve up web pages to the internet cost money to set up, configure and maintain and thus web hosting providers that own these servers charge a monthly or yearly fee.

We charge $14.95 per month to host your website.

What is a domain name?
A domain name is basically the name of your website, for example "".
Our design fee includes the purchase of your domain name. There is an annual fee to keep your domain name registered and that cost is included in the Web Hosting fee.

What  is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Internet users generally use Search Engines (like Google or Yahoo) to find web sites. Search Engine Optimization means that the web pages on your website are accessible to the different search engines so that internet users can find you. A website with good search engine listings may see a dramatic increase in traffic.

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